How Quality Packaging Has Grown and Developed Over Time to Serve You Better

When it comes to shipping something special to a friend or a loved one, nothing’s more important than ensuring your item arrives at its destination in the best possible condition. Imagine you send a meaningful package or present to someone special to you: you envision the excited and joyful look on their face as they open their gift. Now, imagine that that present arrives broken and tattered. Th

The Importance of Product Packaging

You may not have thought much about it, but a product’s packaging has a direct effect on the likeliness of you purchasing it. There are times you may have been tempted to buy a product based on its attractive packaging alone. Some companies might be under the assumption that their product and its performance is more important than what the packaging looks like, but the product packaging can play

Carter Paper and Packaging Is Your Place for Holiday Wrapping

It's that time of year-chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, the weather outside is frightful, and baby, it's cold outside. We are ready for winter and everything that means, from the inches of snow, the dropping temperatures. But let’s not forget that it’s also the time of year for the holiday season and all the shopping that comes with it! To quote Dr. Seuss, we think about "The ribbons! T

Paper and Packaging Peoria

Carter Paper & Packaging’s Fall Clean Up Checklist

Cooler temperatures, cloudy days and students going back to school makes the fall season a great opportunity to get to work on your home or business. If your space was turned into a mess over the past few months, now is the perfect time to pack away the summer fun and get organized before winter. Carter’s Paper & Packaging has put together a helpful checklist to get your home or business org

Carter Paper & Packaging Says Goodbye to Greg Malek

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the retirement of a valued and important member of the Carter Paper & Packaging team. After 18 years of working for Carter, Greg Malek has retired from his position as Sales Representative and will no longer be responsible for accounts. We wish him well in his new endeavors and hope that retirement treats him kindly! For almost 2 decades, Greg Malek w