Carter Paper & Packaging, Dunder Mifflin of the Midwest

Carter Paper Team Wearing "The Office" Character Masks

Years ago, when I was religiously watching Michael Scott lead the colorful team at Dunder-Mifflin, I had no idea that one day I would be working for a paper company myself. When I tell someone that I work at Carter Paper & Packaging, their response generally involves a correlation to “The Office” and the question, “So which character are you?”  I’d like to say that I identify mostly with Jim, however, I do occasionally part my hair down the middle and get a bit over-excited about paper product details, so perhaps there’s some Dwight in there too.

The truth is everyone here at Carter has a little bit of each of the beloved Scranton characters inside us. I find that we regularly utter phrases that could have been written in the show. In an effort to illustrate this, I would like to share five quotes from “The Office” that could have been said by Carter Paper employees.


“I am ready to face any challenge that might be foolish enough to face me.”  -Dwight Schrute

I must say the Carter team is a tenacious bunch, ready to help our customers solve their problems and think outside the box. You really won’t find anyone more passionate about cardboard and toilet paper. Can’t decide on a ply, just stop on by!


“I don’t understand the desire to push sweet potato fries on me. I just want regular fries.” – Jim Halpert

There are two rules regarding food in our office. Number one, always, every time, and for every circumstance bring food to the office when you visit. Number two, never, at all, under any circumstance bring in healthy food. Certainly, there have been attempts to diet, but our team has come to learn that critical thinking skills are honed best by consuming copious amounts of doughnuts. Cake will also be accepted.


“Yes, we will be delivering a shipment of paper today, but I will also be delivering you a big shipment of fun!” -Dwight Schrute

Sure, you can Amazon prime a box of tape and get two-day free shipping, but where’s the fun in that? Order the Carter way and get next day free local delivery, amazing customer service reps that remember your name better than Sam Malone, and a free air guitar with every purchase!


Ken World's Best Boss“Sometimes you just have to be the boss of dancing.” -Michael Scott

In this office, we dance. More often than that, we bust out in random song and bob back and forth. This simple practice heightens morale, fights obesity, and entertains any doughnut bearing visitors. Win, win, win.


“It’s never too early for ice cream” – Michael Scott

I lied, there are actually three food-related rules in our office, and the ice cream rule is possibly the most important. Let me rephrase, I didn’t lie; I misspoke. A Carter Paper team member never lies. You know what else a Carter team member never does? We never refuse ice cream… Ice cream for breakfast is both applauded and encouraged.

Is working at Carter Paper & Packaging like working at Dunder-Mifflin? I think so. Both places share the belief that a group of diverse and differing people could come together and become like family. That is what we do here every day. We are a family. A junk food loving, show tune singing, passionate family changing the world one roll of toilet paper at a time.

Hope to see you soon… don’t forget the doughnuts!


<3 Mandi

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