Carter Paper & Packaging’s Fall Clean Up Checklist

Paper and Packaging Peoria

Cooler temperatures, cloudy days and students going back to school makes the fall season a great opportunity to get to work on your home or business. If your space was turned into a mess over the past few months, now is the perfect time to pack away the summer fun and get organized before winter. Carter’s Paper & Packaging has put together a helpful checklist to get your home or business organized. Take a look!

  • Declutter your attic or basement – An attic or basement is a great place to throw large items and boxes when they have no other place to go. Sooner or later, you will have to organize this space and we recommend you start now! Store items into labeled boxes based on categories and throw away what you don’t need.
  • Organize closet space – Fall is known for sweaters and boots, not sandals and skirts. This is the perfect time to pack away any summer apparel that is taking up space in your wardrobe. Not to mention, donate any items that you haven’t worn for several years.
  • Store away patio furniture and outdoor accessories – With summer behind us, you’ll want to store and organize any outdoor items you will no longer be using. This includes outdoor furniture (wipe metal and plastic down with a dry cloth), cushions, sports equipment, and playground equipment.
  • Store away your landscaping tools – Start organizing your shovels, sheers, and other tools that will not be necessary come winter. All you have to do is wipe down your tools with an old towel to prevent them from rusting and box them away in the garage.
  • Clean your desk at work – Did you know that a messy or disorganized desk can prevent you from working efficiently? Grab all of the personal items that you don’t need at your desk and set aside in a box to bring home later. Many times, personal items are a distraction and you really only need to keep office supplies that you use on a regular basis on your desk.

Are you in need of cardboard boxes and liners for your fall cleaning project? Carter Paper & Packaging can help! We offer a large variety of paper and packaging supplies for your residential and commercial needs. Let us supply you with moving boxes, corrugated boxes, shipping supplies, bubble wrap, shrink film and much more. If you live in Peoria don’t forget to ask about our FREE local delivery!

Box it, Bag it, Protect it, Seal it. That’s the Carter Paper & Packaging way! Any questions? Give us a call at (309) 637-7711 or visit our website.