Paper & Packaging Analysis

Carter Paper & Packaging, Inc offers our customers a service called a Packaging Assessment. Packaging costs can increase as they move through the supply chain, from raw material to converted product, finished goods to transportation.


We can provide in-house expertise to help with custom designs while identifying and minimizing total packaging costs:


Questions we would ask:

1. Would you like help to save money in your packaging materials, labor and shipping?

2. Could you generate greater operating efficiencies and cost saving in your packaging process by making changes?

3. Are your products arriving with quality issues?

4. Are you experiencing damage claims?

5. Do you have the highest performing packaging at the lowest cost?

6. What is the reusability and recyclability of the packaging?

7. Is there an opportunity for product consolidation?

8. Is help available with design and graphic design?

9. Are your customers satisfied when your product is received?

10. Will you need samples of suggested products?

Paper & Packaging Analysis

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