How Quality Packaging Has Grown and Developed Over Time to Serve You Better

When it comes to shipping something special to a friend or a loved one, nothing’s more important than ensuring your item arrives at its destination in the best possible condition. Imagine you send a meaningful package or present to someone special to you: you envision the excited and joyful look on their face as they open their gift. Now, imagine that that present arrives broken and tattered. The impact of your gesture vanishes, all because of poor quality packaging.

We at Carter Paper and Packaging know the importance of shipping items sent in the highest quality packaging.  Our mission focuses on continuously improving our high quality performance in the packaging industry –  but do you know where the packaging industry started to begin with?

Prior to World War II, packaging primarily served the purpose of surrounding and protecting products for transportation and distribution. While this is still the primary function of packaging, a lot of developments and improvements have occurred with product shipments in the past 70 years! As time went on, packing was developed for adaptability – to expand what it could do and what it could look like. It’s main priorities also expanded to answer the increasing demand of consumers.  Nowadays, a package must not only protect the product it is transporting, but it must also promote or sell the item it contains through labeling, help the consumer use the product with well illustrated directions, and maintain the lowest costs for the consumer.

In current times, it seems that there is a different type of package for anything you ship – good news for both shippers and consumers! People can easily ship and transport various shipping cartons, industrial goods, bags, boxes, cans, and countless other holders for limitless consumer products.

The next time you have something special to ship, know that there is a packaging solution for you to get the product there safely through Carter Paper and Packaging – we’re happy to help you with your shipment needs. Give us a call at (309) 637-7711, check us out at or visit us at 3400 SW Washington St.